St Joseph’s Primary School Quirindi

Principal’s Message

Welcome to the St Joseph’s Website! The website is now another aspect of St Joseph’s that our school community is very proud of. I hope you are impressed with the information and opportunities the webpage provides, though please remember at St Joseph’s we believe that every day is an open day. Please feel free to drop in and check out our great school for yourself. As the proud principal of St Joseph’s I look forward to showing you what makes our school so special!

At St Joseph’s we believe that parents are the first and foremost educators of their child, hence are encouraged to play a hands on roll with their education. Communication is a priority with staff members, to ensure parents are up-to-date with their child’s development.

The liturgical life of St Joseph’s is healthy and active, with children having numerous opportunities to celebrate the Eucharist as a whole school every second Friday. St Joseph’s School is very closely linked to St Brigid’s Parish. Staff are active members of the Parish and are key members of the Parish Sacramental Team, involved in all Parish sacramental programs.

As all children are unique, at St Joseph’s we recognise each child has the right to develop their individual talents. Smaller class sizes enable teachers to revise, teach and extend all students at their own level of need.

St Joseph’s aims to provide a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy with an uninterrupted block of lessons from 9.00am till 12.00pm every day. This ensures learning is not interrupted by other extracurricular activities which frequently arise in schools. Consequently, well planned Literacy and Numeracy programs are implemented thoroughly. St Joseph’s has also adopted a research and data based approach which allows us to identify and address areas of concern in our Literacy and Numeracy program, hence focusing on individualizing the learning to students.

St Joseph’s offers the chance to belong to a special community. A community which allows us to share in the success of others and offer a very effective pastoral care program for those in need. St Joseph’s is small enough to have a personal feel. Children feel valued and know they always have someone to talk to.

I look forward to seeing you at St Joseph’s, so please “Come share the Spirit!’

Darryl Martin

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